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the stars begin to fall
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untitled by Cristina Hoch on Flickr.
R1-08949-010A (by Grace Gockel)
Finite by Whitney Justesen on Flickr.
Masters of all they survey (by Andy2580)
. by toi ♥ on Flickr.
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The TFH Vault™ || Soon. by tylerforesthauser on Flickr.

back in the late 90’s we bought the first ever digital camera and it was 7.5k and everyone used to stare at it in awe lol

i don’t trust doctors period

untitled by Esben Bøg on Flickr.
Kittens, kittens everywhere by *December Sun on Flickr.
(by joram nathanael)
Todavía Verde (by JavierAndrés)

my hair has finally grown down to my belly button!!!!!

funny story~ i went to the hairdresser yesterday and she got shampoo in my eyes, i was like wth?!

untitled by Danny McShane on Flickr.
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