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the stars begin to fall
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untitled by Millie Clinton: on Flickr.

untitled by Poison Arms on Flickr.

hold the phone they’re planning a bioshock MOVIE how did i not know this????

thinking of doing a giveaway in the future…

when i’m obsessed with something i’m really fucking obsessed with it

i love sending nice anon msgs :3

i finally fixed my whacked out body clock, it only took about a year :/

i still have a soft spot for the fear street and sweet valley high series

the art deco style is stunning

Re;Stacks by George Hayford-Taylor on Flickr.
キミの長い髪と by **mog** on Flickr.

i’m going off of an anti-depressant and having bad withdrawal symptoms like restless legs and feeling sick someoNe HUG ME

A Day in Glasgow by igor termenón on Flickr.
untitled by Poison Arms on Flickr.


so basically for the past few days I’ve been feeling really sad and I think drawing/writing for someone else will make me feel happy, yay

this will go overnight + all tomorrow depending on when it reaches limit! (20)

  • mbf moi, check out my botw!
  • I will not do one of these for you if you…
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